Tailored Access is a company devoted to its country. Our employees serve the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community daily, performing critical “No Fail” cyber functions to defend the nation and its freedoms. We are successful in this mission by empowering our workforce and balancing the challenging work with fun.
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Tailored access is built on integrity. As a company, we pride ourselves on being open and honest, ensuring we keep our employees' best interests in mind.

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Great Benefits
Great Benefits

We offer all of the standard benefits, and some unique ones. Check them out here.

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We're Nerds
We're Nerds

Our team is full of nerds who love everything to do with technology!

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Challenging work
Challenging work

At Tailored Access, we face the threats and challenges to our nation. This landscape constantly changes, exposing new problems and a need for innovation.

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We're Fun
We're Fun

Hard work is key at Tailored Access, but what is the point if you can’t also have fun? We are constantly striving to do new fun things and events with our teams.

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Dedicated to Service
Dedicated to Service

Tailored Access is dedicated to our Armed Forces, First Responders, and the United States Intelligence Community. We regularly volunteer and contribute to causes in support of these organizations.


Our focus has been maintaining a positive work-life balance for our employees so they in turn make a difference to our customers. We support daily the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) in solving and satisfying their most critical mission objectives. Our employees experience gratification knowing they help keep our nation and its citizens safe and protected.
Software Engineering
Intelligence Analysis
Systems Engineering
Cybersecurity Engineering
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